Command Line UtilitiesΒΆ

This module defines the typhon command line utility

usage: [-h] [--happi-cfg HAPPI_CFG] [--version] [--verbose]
                   [--dark] [--stylesheet STYLESHEET]
                   [devices [devices ...]]

Create a TyphonSuite for device/s stored in a Happi Database

positional arguments:
  devices               Device names to load in the TyphonSuite

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --happi-cfg HAPPI_CFG
                        Location of happi configuration file if not specified
                        by $HAPPI_CFG environment variable
  --version, -V         Current version and location of Typhon installation.
  --verbose, -v         Show the debug logging stream
  --dark                Use the QDarkStyleSheet shipped with typhon
  --stylesheet STYLESHEET
                        Additional stylesheet options