Supported Tools

In experimental environments there are a variety of external tools and applications that are critical to day to day operation. Typhon hopes to integrate many of these services into the TyphonDeviceDisplay for ease of operation. This approach has two advantages; the first is that getting to helpful tools requires fewer clicks and therefore less time, secondly, if we assume that the context in which they want to use the external tool includes this device, we can pre-populate many of the fields for them.

All of the tools in typhon follow a basic pattern. Each one can be instantiated as a standalone widget with no ophyd or Device required. The intention is that these tools could be used in a separate application where the underlying information is in a different form. However, in order to make these objects easier to interface with ophyd objects the methods TyphonTool.from_device() and TyphonTool.add_device() are available. These automatically populate fields according to device structures.

Tool Classes


IPython Widget for Typhon Display

TyphonLogDisplay([level, parent])

Typhon Logging Display


Generalized widget for plotting Ophyd signals