Command Line Utilities

This module defines the typhos command line utility

usage: sphinx-build [-h] [--layout LAYOUT] [--cols COLS]
                    [--display-type DISPLAY_TYPE] [--scrollable SCROLLABLE]
                    [--size SIZE] [--hide-displays] [--happi-cfg HAPPI_CFG]
                    [--fake-device] [--version] [--verbose] [--dark]
                    [--stylesheet-override STYLESHEET_OVERRIDE]
                    [--stylesheet-add STYLESHEET_ADD]
                    [--profile-modules [PROFILE_MODULES ...]]
                    [--profile-output PROFILE_OUTPUT]
                    [--benchmark [BENCHMARK ...]] [--exit-after EXIT_AFTER]
                    [--screenshot SCREENSHOT_FILENAME]
                    [devices ...]

Create a TyphosSuite for device/s stored in a Happi Database

positional arguments:
  devices               Device names to load in the TyphosSuite or class name
                        with parameters on the format:

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --layout LAYOUT       Select a alternate layout for suites of many devices.
                        Valid options are "horizontal", "vertical" (default),
                        "grid", "flow", and any unique shortenings of those
  --cols COLS           The number of columns to use for the grid layout if
                        selected in the layout argument. This will have no
                        effect for other layouts.
  --display-type DISPLAY_TYPE
                        The kind of display to open for each device at initial
                        load. Valid options are "embedded" (default),
                        "detailed", "engineering", and any unique shortenings
                        of those options.
  --scrollable SCROLLABLE
                        Whether or not to include the scrollbar. Valid options
                        are "auto", "true", "false", and any unique
                        shortenings of those options. Selecting "auto" will
                        include a scrollbar for non-embedded layouts.
  --size SIZE           A starting x,y size for the typhos suite. Useful if
                        the default size is not suitable for your application.
                        Example: --size 1000,1000
  --hide-displays       Option to start with subdisplays hidden instead of
  --happi-cfg HAPPI_CFG
                        Location of happi configuration file if not specified
                        by $HAPPI_CFG environment variable
  --fake-device         Create fake devices with no EPICS connections. This
                        does not yet work for happi devices. An example
                        invocation: typhos --fake-device ophyd.EpicsMotor[]
  --version, -V         Current version and location of Typhos installation.
  --verbose, -v         Show the debug logging stream
  --dark                Use the QDarkStyleSheet shipped with Typhos
  --stylesheet-override STYLESHEET_OVERRIDE, --stylesheet STYLESHEET_OVERRIDE
                        Override all built-in stylesheets, using this
                        stylesheet instead.
  --stylesheet-add STYLESHEET_ADD
                        Include an additional stylesheet in the loading
                        process. This stylesheet will take priority over all
                        built-in stylesheets, but not over a template or
                        widget's styleSheet property.
  --profile-modules [PROFILE_MODULES ...]
                        Submodules to profile during the execution. If no
                        specific modules are specified, profiles all
                        submodules of typhos. Turns on line profiling.
  --profile-output PROFILE_OUTPUT
                        Filename to output the profile results to. If omitted,
                        prints results to stdout. Turns on line profiling.
  --benchmark [BENCHMARK ...]
                        Runs the specified benchmarking tests instead of
                        launching a screen. If no specific tests are
                        specified, runs all of them. Turns on line profiling.
  --exit-after EXIT_AFTER
                        (For profiling purposes) Exit typhos after the
                        provided number of seconds
                        Save screenshot(s) of all contained
                        TyphosDeviceDisplay instances to this filename pattern
                        prior to exiting early. This name may contain f-string
                        style variables, including: suite_title, widget_title,
                        device, and name.