Including Python Code

Adding Methods

Each TyphosDeviceDisplay has an method_panel. You can add methods manually or pass them in via the constructor. In order to make the appropriate widgets, the function signature is examined. For example lets make a mock function:

def foo(a: int, b: int, c: bool=False, d: float=3.14, e: bool=False):

When you add the method to the panel the Python inspect module looks for type annotations for each parameter. It also determines which parameters are optional and which are not. Boolean variables are given QCheckboxes, while others are given QLineEdits for entry. Optional keywords are also hidden from the user unless they choose to expand the tab. Using FunctionPanel.add_method() would look like this:

panel.add_method(foo, hide_params=['e'])

function expanded

If you don’t want to annotate your function as above, Typhos will attempt to guess the type of optional variables via their default value. You can also pass in an annotations dictionary that fulfills the indicates the type of each variable.